So, last night I went to sleep at around midnight.
When it was almost time for me to wake up this morning, I found myself TRAPPED in this horrible dream.
It was RIDICULOUSLY real & I was having a bit COLD SWEAT-_-

In the dream, I was at my presentation, standing in the front waiting for people to come in & get ready for my speech.
However, when I was about to start, I just realized that I was supposed to have my presentation at 10, instead of 9:30.
PHEW! What a relief!
Sadly, it was at that time that I found out my favorite font "Papyrus" was not in the PC cart that I was going to use: My powerpoint slides were totally in a mess!!!
Worst of all, I forgot to bring the Peanuts theme song for my opening-_-
I was thinking about going home to get both of them since it was only 400 steps away from the campus; but, only 20 minutes left!!!
If I went back, I might have to run all the way & I would end up being really sweaty!
After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do nothing & it was when I realized that Neo wasn't there for the shooting-_-
How come everything went wrong like this? There was not turning back!!!
Finally, I told myself to accept the truth that basically I screwed up my own once-in-a-lifetime presentation and that was that!!!

Thankfully, before I almost bursted into tears, I woke up & happily found out that it was ONLY a nightmare!!!
I must have been under A LOT OF pressure, don't you think?

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I wish you enough...

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