So, yesterday while I was driving on Expressway 68, listening to ICRT at the same time, Joseph Lin's words caught my attention.
He sounded serious, which was a bit bizarre, since it was a Feel-Good Friday (according to Stevie G.).
Then, through his explanation, I realized that he was gonna call out to this girl, on behalf of a boy, who is suffering from cancer and fighting for his life, at the very moment.
He wanted to tell her there was nobody that could replace her in his heart & he'd always love her.
She said that they'd lost contact for two years & he didn't want her to see him being sick.
The song he requested was "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston; it was very beautifully sung, as you might imagine.
However, what struck me was the love that couldn't go on because of the illness & the love that could definitely go on, even though one of them no longer exists.

I couldn't help but wonder if I were in their position, either of them, what would I do?
Would I just disappear, leaving all my loved ones behind?
Or if my ex's were dying & sending out messages like this, would I be generous enough to get reconnected, like nothing really happened before?
Well, I don't have the answer for now.
Who knows? Probably because I'm not ready to let go?

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I wish you enough...

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