We arrived at the airport early just to make sure everything about the baggages was ok.
After Rich got a cart, I sat on it & he drove me around.(So, I guess I was FAMOUS that night!)
Later on, we went to have dinner; Rich had some Xiao-long-bao & both of us had Burger King.
Having nothing else to do at Terminal 2, we took the shuttle to Terminal 1.
It was like a DEAD city there & we even whispered to each other.
But, Rich found something fun to do...we played on the wheelchair for a while.(This was the first time that I was on a wheelchair...)
Anyhow...we went back to Terminal 2 again & took a walk for some time.
Finally, it was 11 o'clock & it was time for Rich to board.
It was really really hard to say good-bye & I got tears in my eyes because I don't know when we'll see each other again.
Still, I hope everything runs SMOOTH no matter where Rich goes.

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I wish you enough...

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